Our Meeting with
Houston Police Department

On February 28, 2018, our CEO and Business Development Director, met with 2 investigators from the Houston Police Department Vice Squad to get a clear understanding of the law in relation to the play of poker. The officers did not give us any endorsement or official opinion of the legality of our club rather they gave us a very literal and easy to understand explanation of the applicable laws. We, in turn, developed our business model to fall in complete compliance with the law, which is why we do not charge seat rental or allow illegal tipping of dealers and floor staff.

We are in regular communication with Houston PD and will continue to keep an open channel of dialogue and we will report any instance of illegal activity from any of our members such as bookmaking, etc.

We do not and will not allow any member of FreeRolls to break, or even bend, any of our compliance rules. Keeping our business legal, safe and fun for all of our members is paramount.

If there are ever any question about FreeRolls legal compliance model, please feel free to contact us at legal@freerollspokerclubs.com.

What makes FreeRolls legal is the following:

1. We do not charge any seat rentals or time charges to our members for cash or tournament play.
2. We do not allow any illegal tipping of dealers.
3. The chances of winning are the same for all players.
4. We do not offer a "dealers toke" or any form of money collected in tournaments for dealer.
5. All money paid for a tournament entry (including the World Poker Tour Deepstacks Tournament) is paid back out to players.
6. All money in the cash games stays in the game. 7. Our club is membership based and not open to the public. One can only become a member after meeting club requirements and passing a PATRONSCAN query.

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